Giovanni Arnaudeau


I couldn’t be at most of the live sessions of the “Objectivist Logic” course, but I’m watching the replay and I wanted to tell you that I’m really glad we’re analyzing the concept of “reason” and that is is an homework. Yes, I’m the one to blame for the difficulty of the assignment, I can be accused. But I watched yesterday’s session and look forward to the next one (hoping to be present) because I find it absolutely fascinating and I can’t wait for Harry Binswanger’s answers.

At one point in yesterday’s session Harry Binswanger said, if I understood correctly, that there are only two cognitive faculties, namely reason and sense perception. What about memory? Isn’t it a cognitive faculty too?

Otherwise, what would also interest me, once we have objectively established the concept of reason, is to see why other definitions are wrong. Because obviously, if Ayn Rand has proposed a new definition of the concept of reason, she has not invented the concept. So how is the definition of reason by other philosophers wrong, and if they are not talking about the same thing, why does Ayn Rand use the same word as these philosophers?