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      Keith Lockitch

      Hi everyone,

      Last week I assigned a quiz whose purpose was for me to gauge your level of math ability. I did not intend this to be an assignment for which you would receive a grade, because the course is open to people with all levels of math ability. It will be graded pass-fail based solely on whether you completed the assignment or not.

      I’ve realized, however, that even if you don’t get a grade, you’re likely interested in seeing the answers to the quiz and gauging for yourself how you did, so I’ve posted a PDF showing the correct answers.

      You can find the quiz answers in Week 1, in a new section called “Homework Answers.”

      Also, this week, I will be holding a special math review session during my regularly scheduled office hour, Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9am Pacific time.

      I will be reviewing some high-school level trigonometry that we will need for this course. (Another helpful resource for those who need it is Kahn Academy, which offers free video instruction on wide-ranging areas of math. Here is their material on trigonometry: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/trigonometry.)

      If you answered 2 or more questions incorrectly on the math review quiz, it is required that you attend this math review session (or watch the recording if you’re not able to attend live).

      Everyone else is welcome to attend or watch the recording, but it’s optional for you.



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