Op-Ed Assignment

As part of your preparation for this year’s post-OCON workshop, read these two op-eds:

  1. Too Much Choice is Hurting America” by Paul Krugman
  2. I’m Pro-Choice. But I Don’t Think Pro-Lifers Are Bad People” by John McWhorter

For one of them, construct an argument map using ReasonSpace. (You’re welcome to map both, but it’s not expected.) The NYT has a paywall but allows limited viewing of articles. If you cannot access the op-eds because of the paywall please email oac@aynrand.org

For the assignment, we’re looking for you to map the argument as found in the op-ed. If you need to supply a missing premise, please indicate it by putting it in brackets like this: [This is a missing premise].

We are not asking you to add your own criticisms to the map. Only map the positive argument for the author’s conclusion.

Submit a link to your map below no later than 11:59pm PST June 24th.

The op-eds will be the topic of conversation during the first session of the workshop. Once we have your maps, we will contact a few of you about presenting your maps during Session One.

(If you were unable to attend the ReasonSpace tutorial explaining the software, you can find the recording here [ReasonSpace Training Session]. If you have a problem using the software, please contact Mike (mmazza@aynrand.org).)

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