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      In the My Grades board, I can see the first assignment as submitted and graded. It also shows that there is a comment on the assignment, but I can’t access it. I go to the Week 1 section and I don’t see it. In fact, it shows nothing, as if I could take the quiz again. Is there really a comment, a response to the homework?

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      On the “My Grades” page, next to the column that displays the number of comments, there should be a blue paper icon: clicking that will open a new tab where you will be able to see your submission and the replies. If that’s not working for you for whatever reason (it’s working for me), I suggest that you send an email to to alert them to the issue, and also to Dr. Milgram to receive her comments.


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      Hi! Thanks for the quick reply! I can now see the reply. I was seeing the blue paper icon before, but I thought it only displayed my submission (I’ve been using it in order to confirm the submission). I will use it for this purpose too in the future. Thanks again!

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