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      Hi everyone,

      Welcome to Introduction to Writing!

      Here’s some information to get you oriented.


      1. There are two components to this course: Live classes taught mostly by me, and the recorded lecture course “Objective Communication” by Leonard Peikoff. The Peikoff course is available on ARI Campus or the Ayn Rand University app. The ten lectures and a written exam must be completed by February 12, 2023. So get started on this right away! This is explained in more detail in the syllabus, so check that out.

      My classes will begin in February, with the first homework assignment due on Sunday, February 19.


      1. Much of the material for this course is on the class website. Each week, I will be posting readings and assignments. So be sure to log in at least once per week starting the week of February 13.


      1. TA: The teaching assistant for this course is Agustina Vergara Cid, who is a junior fellow at ARI. Please copy her on requests for extensions on homework assignments and other course-related matters. (


      1. The “weeks” for this course run from Monday to Sunday, with homework typically due at the “end” of each week—i.e., on Sundays. Right now, none of the weeks are “live” and visible to you, except the one related to the Objective Communication course, but the first few will go live before the start of my classes.


      1. There is a lot of information in the course syllabus, including a detailed, week-by-week list of topics, assignments, and assignment deadlines. I strongly encourage you to become very familiar with the syllabus: view it, print it, study it, live by it!


      1. Our first live class will be on Wednesday, March 1. You’ll get more information about that in February. Before that, however, there will be weekly readings and assignments on the course website. It’s all in the syllabus.


      By the way, have I mentioned that it would be a good idea to read the course syllabus?

      Looking forward to seeing you all in class!



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      Avatar photoKate Sherwood

      Hello everyone!

      A quick reminder that Introduction to Writing has begun with the recorded lectures of “Objective Communication” by Leonard Peikoff. Please begin listening to these lectures on a regular basis to keep up with the course. The recordings are available on ARI Campus or the Ayn Rand University app, but you can find links in the first lesson of the course website.
      Remember also, that your first assignment is to take the Objective Communication quiz. This is a timed, 1.5 hour exam, and it’s available for you to take anytime between now and the final deadline, which is Sunday, Feb. 12th.


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