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      Hello everyone,

      Please note the following points for the first class of the ITOE course:

      <b data-stringify-type=”bold”>First Live Class</b>
      The first class will take place on <b data-stringify-type=”bold”>Thursday, April 20</b>, from <b data-stringify-type=”bold”>8:30 am – 9:45 am PT</b> / <b data-stringify-type=”bold”>11:30 am – 12:45 pm ET</b>. You can join the live class using this Zoom link: Zoom link for Live Class.

      <b data-stringify-type=”bold”>Open Office Hours</b>
      An open office hour will be held immediately after the live class, for <b data-stringify-type=”bold”>one hour</b>. You can join the open office hour using this Zoom link: Zoom link for Open Office Hours

      <b data-stringify-type=”bold”>Reading for the First Class</b>
      For the first class, please read Ayn Rand’s “Foreword to the First Edition” of ITOE, as well as the first two pages of Chapter 1 (pp. 5-6).

      You can also find all of the above details posted on the course’s webpage.

      Thank you

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      <div>This message can also be viewed on the Announcement Forum of the course ITOE.</div>

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