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      Hello everyone,

      Please note the following points for the first class of the Objectivist Logic course:

      First Live Class
      The first class will take place onĀ Monday, April 17, fromĀ 9:00 – 10:15 am PTĀ /Ā 12 – 1:15 pm ET. You can join the live class using this Zoom link:Ā Zoom link for Live Class

      Open Office Hours
      An open office hour will be held immediately after the live class, forĀ one hour. You can join the open office hour using this Zoom link: Zoom link for Open Office Hours. (Note: This Zoom link is different from the link for the live class).

      Reading for the First Class
      How We Know, pp. 191 – 196.

      Assignment for the First Class
      “How would you begin this course on logic? What issue is the first thing to raise? Just formulate the answer in your own mind, I don’t need written answers, and we will discuss at the start of the class.”You can also find all of the above details posted on theĀ course’s webpage.

      Thank you

      This message can also be viewed on the Announcement Forum of the courseĀ Objectivist Logic.
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