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      Hi everyone, a quick video with some guidelines for a successful oral presentation:
      • You are mostly assessed on the content, but a good presentation style will help.
      • You don’t have to use a PowerPoint, but you can use it if there’s a reason to do so.
      • Try to provide some new angle/focus on a topic, but make sure you link it to the wider themes discussed in the class or the course in general.
      • Rehearse on a natural tempo to check you are within the time limit.
      Any questions, drop me an email. See you on Wednesday (and not Tuesday, as I say at the end of the video!).
      PS: The document with the oral presentation group that you are in can be viewed on the course website, under “General Info”. This is the direct link to the document: Oral Presentation Groups.
      – Nikos

      This message can also be viewed on the Announcement Forum of the course The Road to Critical Race Theory.
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