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      Avatar photoLuke Heaver

      Sadly, due to my work schedule at the moment, I am unable to attend either of the live-classes or subsequent office hours. Is this class forum the space I should submit class-material related questions for Dr. Binswanger and staff, or should I use the discord channel for this purpose?

      I have seen in the email sent: “If you have questions about anything in the syllabus or about the course, please ask in the Class Forum.” However, I am not clear on whether this means about the course as a whole or whether this means class-material related questions. I am inclined to think the former.

      I look forward to hearing back—I do have a question from this week’s reading. I am excited about this course!

      Luke Heaver

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      Avatar photoDaniel Schwartz

      Hi Luke,

      You can post questions related to the class material either here or on Discord (in the #objectivist-logic channel), and I will address them and/or make sure Dr. Binswanger sees them. If posting to Discord, I’ll see the message faster if you mention me (@DanSchwartz).

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